The settings menu can be accessed by a tap on the above icon on the left.

My Account
This is where your phone number is displayed, as well as the options change password and logout from 1Unibox.
When you logout, you are logged out only on the current device in the 1Unibox app. The functionality of the 1Unibox still maintained in full.

Here the 1Unibox can be enabled or disabled. You should also read the help topics activation and deactivation of the 1Unibox.

You have the opportunity to be notified via email about the received calls. To do this, simply enter your email address. If you delete the email address, no more notifications are sent.

Help & Support
In this menu you are in the moment. It describes the most important issues, and helps to use the 1Unibox in the best way.
If you have a problem or question about 1Unibox, please send us an email, our support team is looking forward to your inquiry.