In the profile view, you can manage your 1Unibox profiles. Several profiles can be active at the same time. If this is the case, the profiles have the following priority:

1. Working time
2. Calendar
3. Standard

Standard profile
The standard profile acts like your normal voice box. It informs the caller only about your absence.

Calendar profile
The calendar profile refers to your calendar events and informs the caller when you are reachable again (i.e., when last appointment ends). You can select which calendar should be used by the 1Unibox for the absence information.

Working time profile
In this profile, you can define, separately for each day, your working time. The 1Unibox then informs the caller when you are reachable again. If you don't work for example on Saturday and Sunday, then simply enter in start and end time 00:00 o'clock.
Outside of working time, the 1Unibox is active.