We are committed to communication. We are an independent software producer and we are ambitious to implement the requirements of our customers using the latest technologies and to realize customer-focused solutions exactly as required.

We provide multifunctional message switching systems which provide an optimal connection between computing and telephony which can be integrated in any IT environment. With the help of these systems, and through proprietary unified messaging clients, we achieve the integration of e-mail, fax, voice (voicemail), SMS and all CTI and Callcenter features in existing e-mail systems like Lotus Notes, or Microsoft Exchange.
With the founding of UNICOPE in 2009, the milestone for a rapid development was laid. The goal of bringing innovative products and solutions to the market and to be independent from the global manufactors, could be achieved mainly with the help of motivated employees who are experts since the mid-80s in the telecommunications sector and in particular unified messaging. The product portfolio will be expanded and improved in the next years. New technologies and communication processes are actively integrated into the research and development and help to be able to offer customized solutions.
Sales are made through a network of partners, which sells software solutions together with other components to end users, as well as through direct sales. The partner network consists of selected experts and established companies in the German speaking countries and also includes numerous collaborations.